Straight 6-cylinder, OHC, 6.597 cm3 Landaulette de Ville by Kellner 1928 Hispano-Suiza Automobiles were always one of the greatest automobile creations of all time. As a choice of Industrial tycoons, Hollywood stars and European Royalty they established in the front rank of luxury automobile manufacturers following the end of WWI. It was a H6 which became a sensation of the 1919 Paris Show. The car featured a light yet rigid four-wheel-braked chassis that matched its state-of-the-art power unit for innovation. This car was revolutionary, offering speed, luxury, quality and an unequalled level of craftsmanship. They were good enough to compete successfully with Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Bugatti or Isotta Fraschini. This car chassis No. 12 006 was delivered new in 1928 to the Parisian coachbuilder Kellner. Its remarkable Landaulette de Ville body is today still in very good and original condition and it has been reported by the last owner in Spain that it has been part of the Museum in France for many many years.


Created by Tomáš Folprecht